When we last left off….

It’s been a while… half a year…

In that half a year we were working on recovering from the fire and from Covid.

I entered into my busiest season of the year, preparing a great many tax returns and guiding people through what can be their most stressful time of the year.

As I was coming out of tax season, I entered a brand new season….. I became a grandma. Well, actually a MoMo, but we will just wait and see what the little guy chooses to call me before we make anything official.

And I seemed to have lost all momentum on keeping this blog a’bloomin’.

And every day I didn’t write seemed to make it that much more difficult to write the next.

And before I knew it, half a year had passed.

But here’s the good news….

Did you know that a typical seed has about a two-year shelf life? Some seeds like lettuce can still grow after 5 years. And there have even been 80-year-old seeds that were planted and grew!

So all that to say, don’t give up if your sowing season stalled. The only sure-fire way for a seed not to grow is to never plant it at all.

So if there is a step towards something that you have been scared to take, for whatever reason… I challenge you… Take that step. Plant that seed. it’s the only way it’s going to bursts forth and bloom.

And be sure to check in here… my little word garden on the internet.

I’ll be planting too!

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