Consider the lilies…  or the daisies even.    They are beautiful, and as Meg Ryan says in You’ve got Mail, they are the friendliest flower.     But for us to be able to appreciate their beauty, a seed had to be buried in the dark.

Consider the butterflies.   They are exquisite.  But a caterpiller had to lock itself away for a bit, and become an ooey, gooey mess before it could emerge as this beautiful creature that can fly.  

And then there is me.  My difficult seasons have transformed me.   When I though I was buried, I realized I had simply been planted.   When I thought I was abandoned and alone, I allowed God to transform me, and now I feel like I have wings.  

This is the stuff you will find here.  Stories of pain seasoned with such grace that joy was found. 

I will never tell you that hurt doesn’t exist or that pain should be ignored.  I just want to encourage you.  And invite you to see that it is possible to live with hope and have joy, regardless of your circumstances.